EARS CHAMPION 200 Reviewed by gnrmanager on . Peter Bartlett, Ballarat Audiologist spoke recently on the Wednesday Brekkie about a fundraising initiative EARS CHAMPIONS 200. Peter ran 200 km on 10-11th July Peter Bartlett, Ballarat Audiologist spoke recently on the Wednesday Brekkie about a fundraising initiative EARS CHAMPIONS 200. Peter ran 200 km on 10-11th July Rating: 0
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Peter Bartlett, Ballarat Audiologist spoke recently on the Wednesday Brekkie about a fundraising initiative EARS CHAMPIONS 200.
Peter ran 200 km on 10-11th July. It wasn’t easy Peter said but, with the help of a lot of support, I ran the 200km in just under 35 hours (23 hours moving time). (the equivalent of running from Ballarat to Horsham)
We’re up to 130 EARS CHAMPIONS so we have a little way to go to reach our engagement goal, but we were delighted with the outcome over the weekend and were so pleased with the weather (and no lockdown!).
If you are in a position to support this worthy cause and want to know more READ ON.

Eleven years ago when Ballarat audiologists Peter and Rebecca Bartlett moved to Malawi with their
three daughters, in response to a missionary calling, there were no registered audiologists in the
small sub-Saharan nation known as the warm heart of Africa. Earlier this month however, the many
years of commitment from the Bartletts and others associated with the Australian charity EARS
Incorporated was rewarded as, the first group of students of the Bachelor of Science in Audiology
degree program graduated as Malawi’s first home-grown audiologists from the African Bible College
(ABC). This is the first time that a group of students has graduated from any audiology degree
program anywhere in the southern half of Africa (excluding the country of South Africa where
audiology is well developed), and represents a significant milestone in this remarkable journey.
Sent by the Australian charity EARS Incorporated, and supported by Ballarat’s York Street Church of
Christ, the Bartletts spent 6 years in Malawi’s capital city of Lilongwe, to initiate the first specialised
audiology service in the country and build the ABC Hearing Clinic and Training Centre with AusAID
funding support, a facility which ensures the provision of the type of audiology services you would
expect to find in an advanced diagnostic and rehabilitation audiology clinic in Australia. To initiate
the development of the profession of audiology in Malawi, EARS Inc. set about providing a training
program which would teach students the necessary skills to address the unmet ear and hearing
health needs and provide them with a reputable professional qualification. Initially, with the support
of donor organisations Hear The World Foundation and Sound Seekers four Malawians were sent to
Manchester in the UK to gain a masters-level audiology qualification. Of the three who graduated,
two have been involved in advancing the local audiology degree under the direction of USA
audiologist Dr Jenna Vallario with administrative support from Rebecca Bartlett and fellow
Australian audiologist Lois Grant.
EARS Inc. also supports programs in other low- and middle-income countries such as the Dominican
Republic, Fiji and Papua New Guinea, developing the necessary services, training, outreach and
resources required by the partner organisations to ensure that a high quality, sustainable and
culturally appropriate program is delivered for local communities. And while these programs are
changing lives and communities, EARS Inc. is only a small organisation.
To highlight the work of EARS Incorporated, and to launch a new initiative called EARS CHAMPIONS
200, Peter Bartlett is going to attempt to run 200km on 10 th and 11 th July, in an appeal to people,
who want to see life-changing ear and hearing health programs delivered in countries where they
are desperately needed, to become an EARS CHAMPION by donating $200 a year to EARS Inc..
Peter’s goal is to sign up 200 EARS CHAMPIONS, and explained, “I’m running 200 for 200 for 200!
The benefit to someone signing up as an EARS CHAMPION is that EARS Inc, will provide them with a
short video from the field every fortnight so that EARS CHAMPIONS will see what difference their
support is making at the coalface.” EARS CHAMPIONS will therefore get the benefit of being
connected to a group of people who invest in life-changing work and see that difference on a regular
basis. Peter said, “Too often in the donor world, we give money to support programs and people but
we don’t have a good idea of what difference it makes. This is about people in this disconnected
COVID-affected world being invested and engaged, not just as supporters, but as advocates – as EARS

To sign up as an EARS CHAMPION, people can go to https://www.earsinc.org/ears-champions or email

Additional Background information:
YouTube clips explaining the work of ABC Hearing Clinic and Training Centre
ABC Hearing Clinic:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhOPug3c6tA
EDGAR’S STORY:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQrvLypGVNk

Facebook posts highlighting EARS CHAMPIONS 200 initiative:
LAUNCH VIDEO: https://www.facebook.com/733436409/videos/10159850161321410/
FOLLOW UP VIDEO: https://www.facebook.com/733436409/videos/10159865473021410/

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