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Heading for churches, community and GNR

Community in Action promote your event

COMMUNITY IN ACTION  is a free service provided by Good News Radio to promote your Christian or community event.   In order to promote your event well in advance, please submit your announcement here if possible two to three weeks before the event.  Announcements are put together at the weekend for broadcast three times a day in  the following week, and generally run for two weeks on air.  Please leave your ...

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Church announcements on Good News Radio

Listen to Community in Action and to our presenters who will share information and events from local churches. If you are part of a local church send your events, special services and other information to us through Community in Action or email. Want to let others know about your regular services and programs? Consider supporting Good.  News Radio, your local Christian community radio station by becoming a ...

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It is our hope and prayer that all the unprecedented world events, the pandemic, the devastating Queensland and NSW flood crisis and the invasion of the Ukraine by the Russian President, as concerning as these world events are, they do take their toll on our hearts and minds. Our hearts go out to those whose lives are being impacted by these life and world changing events. May you find God and His word (the ...

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AN OPEN DAY EVENT Meet Hayden and Jeremy; they are our youngest presenters who have a youth program on Thursday afternoon called 'ALIVE 4.05'. They came to a special youth event to hear about becoming involved in radio and took up the challenge to train and become  'ON AIR' youth presenters. This opportunity was recently held on our Open Day however.... INTERESTED!!!! READ ON.... If you are aged between 12 ...

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Talk about "go into all the world". During the month of April we are streaming to the world via the internet. If you are a local who enjoys listening to Good News Radio please let those outside our transmission area know that they can now listen to us here in Ballarat.. After only a week we know that people in the know are tuning in from Melbourne, Canada and also those who are travelling interstate or over ...

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If you enjoy the variety of music and ministry programs heard each day on this station then please Have you ever considered giving us support in the way of becoming a member, a subscriber or making a donation to keep us 'ON AIR'? WE ARE A LISTENER SUPPORTED STATION At this time of the year as the financial year comes to an end it is time to renew your subscription or become a new subscriber. To find out the ...

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